Children's Glasses for Charity

There are over TWO MILLION children in the United States who need glasses, but cannot afford them.  

Children with hyperopia (farsightedness) struggle to see anything in detail which can result in diminished interest in school.  In severe cases, a child's brain's development is inhibited by the inability to see up close.  One eye can become dominant, resulting in amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (cross-eye), and a whole host of other ocular problems.  Hyperopia effects children's ability to pay attention in school and is a detriment to their development at a crucial point in their life.  

School is supposed to be a level playing field, but there are millions of American children in poverty-stricken urban areas that have visual issues who's families cannot afford to fix.  Breaking the vicious cycle of poverty is even harder when you can't focus on the books in front of you. 

We are working directly with public schools in Washington D.C. and around the country by donating a pair of children's reading glasses for every pair sold through our website.

Help all children have the same opportunities to learn and succeed by shopping with Eynack today!  Who said philanthropy couldn't be stylish?