About Us

I was on a business trip through Italy, enjoying the Mediterranean scenery, and was really impressed by the stylish men and women on the streets.

While in Milan, I lost my reading glasses, which prevented me from reading and writing. Inspired by the unique and excellent style of the Milanese, I was determined to a pair that was perfect and really special. Walking on the streets of the most fashionable city in Italy I found a store selling reading glasses. The glasses were amazing because they were acetate glasses and made of bamboo. They fit me perfectly and brought a special flair to my look. Nevertheless, I had to pay  400 ($550) for this “new look” I got.  I am extremely happy with the purchase but the price was far from affordable.
When I returned to my home in Washington DC, I couldn’t stop thinking about the idea of designing stylish and fashionable glasses made of bamboo at a reasonable price. Nowadays, glasses are essential fashion accessories; people should be able to afford them, and even have a few pairs in order to match their glasses to their outfit of the day. Glasses are the final touch.

It took me a few years to develop the idea and present the final product to the world. I truly believe that glasses can be stylish and affordable at the same time. I sincerely strive to make my clients happy and satisfied with our fine line of eye-wear.