If You're Seeing Double Red Glasses...

By Alex Brown on March 27, 2013
If you're looking at this post and seeing two of the same red glasses, don't worry. Your eyesight is correct and you do not need to go and book a new eye doctor appointment in order to get a new pair of eyeglasses. Well, unless you want a new pair, and a rather fabulously fashionable one at that because this is all about red glasses that will take your fashion eyewear to a whole new level. Oh, and of course, they'll also provide quality reading experiences, but that's an obvious benefit, right?

Although the following red glasses do appear to be both the same, they are not. In fact, each fashion eyewear listed below emanates its own personality and qualities, and it's those very details that will thoroughly illuminate your sense of style when you're wearing them. Again, you are not seeing double. Despite what it may appear like at a quick glance, the following fashion eyewear is actually two individual red glasses with their own unique attributes.


These red glasses are a fairly simplistic style at first glance, but certainly upon further inspection you'll start to notice little details that set it apart from all the other styles that emanate such stunning hues. The Kimbi frames have a frame width is 5 5/8" with a lens width of 2 1/8" of an inch, and 1 3/8" of depth in the lens. The temple length is 5 3/4". What do all these numbers mean to you aside from making you realize that you might have wanted to spend a little more time paying attention in 5th grade math class? Well these exact dimensions essentially tell you the shape, size and style of these red glasses, only in numerical form. They're essentially a rather typical pair of fashion eyewear, with a standard and generalized shape and often the perfect pair for a wide set of face shapes and sizes. 


Be sure to keep the previous fashion eyewear dimensions in mind so you can compare them with Joon, because these two red glasses are fairly similar upon first glance. The numbers associated with this style of reading glasses are as follows; 5 5/8" in frame width, 2 1/8th in lens width, 1 3/8" in lens depth and 5 3/4" in temple length. They're the exact same as the previous red glasses, aren't they? So the only difference between these two is the actual shape of the frame which makes a fairly dramatic difference as you can see with closer examination. The Joon fashion eyewear frames are much rounder than the previous and have a larger nose gap, ultimately sticking them out further. 

Both of these red glasses do truly look similar, but with a little inspection, you'll notice that despite having the same widths, depths and lengths, they are opposite in shape. Kimbi is square while Joon is more round, and those two features play a key factor in determining how they appear and enhance your appearance.  At least now you'll know that each fashion Eyewear always has its own details that make it's individuality come alive. Knowing these little details will help you choose the ultimate fashion statement to accompany your reading. Plus, how original will you look with red hot frames? 

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