Eynack Featured on Los Angeles Fashion

By Alex Brown on September 10, 2013

Our good friend Vivian Montoya over at LosAngelesFashion.com was kind enough to write a striking editorial piece about our 2013 line.  She highlights all of the awesome styles and attributes of our awesome glasses.  Check out their website for more from Vivian and a whole host of other great fashion bloggers!


Eynack on Los Angeles Fashion 

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Classic Eyeglass Frames That Celebs Prove To Be Fabulous

By Alex Brown on August 24, 2013

When shopping for prescription glasses, you may feel the need to steer close to the foolproof path and stick with eyeglass frames that are classics. Now, if you're not a fashion guru, you'll be happy to know that classic items are known for staying in fashion regardless of the change in trends for each season. Classic eyeglass frames are the haute items that were super stylish years ago, and are still known as the sexiest style today. That's not to mention all the years in between that classic fashion items stay on the top of the "What is Haute" list. In a nutshell, if you will, classic items don't ever fail. They are always trendy, always sexy, always stylish and can be enjoyed by everyone throughout all seasons, year after year.  This is probably why so many celebrities use these specific classic styles within their fashion statements. If you are desiring a badass look with new prescription glasses that will provide throughout all the seasons to come, then you certainly need to consider shopping the classic eyeglass frames.

Standard Style with Leonard Frames

Now, no one is calling you a Plain Jane or Boring Brad, but if you want a basic style of eyeglass frames that don't have massive sparks of gaudy details, then the Leonard Eyeglass frames are your ultimate style. Although they are basic, the Leonard frames are far from being boring. They are versatile within fashion, and the shape of the frames is ideal for all seasons of fashion and face shapes. In addition, you can choose these prescription frames in brown or leopard if you want a little more personal than what the black style offers.

Geek Chic with Expert Frames

The entire geek chic look has recently been rejuvenated but the eyeglass frames that are essential to achieving this style has always stayed on trend within the eyeglass world of fashion. The Expert Prescription glasses accentuate the large, bold and basic appearance that is needed for pulling off a geek chic style that will travel through the seasons of trends. So whether you're a dude wanting to look like the irresistible nerd that you are, or are a chick wanting to achieve that sexy school girl appearance, these unisex prescription eyeglass frames are totally killer.

Cat Eye with Irine the Leopard Frames

You can absolutely never go wrong with any fashion item that brings a little feisty roar to your style. In addition, the cat eye shape of frames has been trending since your Grandma was a teenager. It sounds crazy, doesn't it? Now, before you start raiding your Grandma's closet, this is the only trend that you should be picking out from her wardrobe. Eyeglass frames shaped in the cat eye such as the Irine The Leopard Frames are super sexy and style savvy for all seasons. That extra dose of spice with the animal print truly brings the claws out of this style.

It's no secret that with every season comes new styles and trends. Unless you want to change your eyeglass frames every month, the only way to keep your style on point throughout all changes on the runway is to rock classic eyeglass frames. These items will definitely have you rocking a haute look, despite all the changes that fashion goes through. Obviously celebrities love these styles, so if that's not enough proof that these eyeglass frames are classic, then what is?

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Finding the Perfect Eyeglass Frames for your Face Shape

By Alex Brown on July 23, 2013

When choosing the ultimate eyeglass frame for you, it's crucial that you take the shape of your face into consideration. After all, you need the prescription eyeglass frames to suit your face in order for them to look fabulous on you, because if you really didn't care what they looked like, you'd just go buy a pair of prescription glasses from the corner store, right? Hello... Tacky!  So grab yourself a mirror and start analyzing the shape of your face so we can find you the ideal eyeglasses for you. To avoid any confusion, your face can be; square, circle, oval, triangle, heart or diamond, so let's send you on your path to wearing some totally exquisite eyeglass frames that are certain to make you look amazing. Plus, when shopping online, these tips are to-die-for because you can't try them on... Unless you have some super power, and if that's the case, we're intrigued! 

Square Face Shape

A square face shape has a strong jaw line and a broad forehead, and the width and length are proportionally equal. The perfect eyeglass frames for you to wear would be narrower frames that have more width than depth, such as the ZeZe Bam frames. These will elongate your face while softening the abruptness of your chin and forehead.

Rectangular Face Shape

If your face shape is more rectangular, a long face with squared off chin and typically a longer nose, then you need to choose eyeglass frames that have more depth than width, the opposite of the prior. Decorative frames will also add the proper amount of width needed for your face shape, and the Expert eyeglass frames would look superb on you.

Round Face Shape

If you have full cheeks and a rounded chin, then you most likely have a circular face shape. The ideal eyeglass frame will make your face appear longer and narrower while also adding some length and definition. Opt for prescription glasses such as the Coverpage frames that have an angle to the rectangle shape that also has more width than length.

Oval Face Shape

The majority of people have an oval face shape, a rounded chin and forehead which appears longer than it does wider. If you're an oval shaped person, you can typically wear all kinds of eyeglass frames and look fabulous. However, you should place emphasis on choosing eyeglass frames that are as wide or even wider than the widest part of your face. Wow! That was a lot of wise words about width. In addition, walnut shaped frames such as the CFO eyeglass frames suit an oval face impeccably as well.

Triangle Face Shape

So you have a broad forehead and a face with a width that gets more narrow as it reaches your rounded chin. You're a triangle face, and the perfect prescription glasses for your shape are wider at the bottom and have very light or minimal colors, preferably rimless. Both square and rounded frames will work well with your face shape, but steer clear of rectangles. The Cooper frames would be a perfect fit for your face.

Diamond Face Shape

Although the rarest face shape, you may be a diamond which means your chin and forehead are both narrow, and your cheekbones are rather wide. The best eyewear frames are ones that provide exceptional detail that are also rimless or oval shaped. Oversized eyeglass frames tend to look best on diamond shaped faces as well. So, it's time for you to get all geek-chic in the Leopard Lady frames.

Once you know your face shape, you can find the perfect pair of eyeglass frames that will enhance your appearance, and of course, Eynack has a wide selection of stunning frames that will make you look haute, and well, that will also let you see clearly.

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Celeb Style Is All About Inspiration of Eyeglass Frames

By Alex Brown on June 14, 2013


There's a reason why celebrity style is so highly sought after. It's obviously because celebrities know how to look fabulous, and if they don't, they definitely have hired someone who knows what works best for them. This is exactly why we are addicted to those ridiculous tabloids and celeb style shows. Ridiculous or not, they do provide some phenomenal tips to looking as fabulous as the celebrities you adore. The best thing is that you don't have to drop a mortgage payment on fashion just to achieve the same sense of fashion. Eyeglass frames are one of the biggest Hollywood trends right now, and with a quick skim over the hottest magazine, you can find ways to replicate the stunning style. Hello, eyeglasses. It's time for some serious swag for your face.

Jennifer Aniston's a Rocket

Jennifer has got to be one of the sexiest, most humble styled celebrities of this world. She's always super stunning without the gaudiness, and her fashion sense is prominent within her prescription glasses frames as well. The Tootsi eyeglass frames are almost identical to the ones seen on Jennifer Aniston. Everything from the two-toned texture, shape and size of these frames are exactly what Jennifer usually rocks on a daily basis when she's wearing her fashion on her face. 

You Can't Go Wrong With JT

Oh, Justin Timberlake. Whether he's currently hot in the scene or working on his comeback, he always rocks a fabulous pair of eyeglass frames. His particular style of prescription glasses frames are usually geek chic. The larger and darker frames are often the companion for his eyeballs. The Cooper frames are totally something JT would pick out. Well, if they had six zeroes attached to the reasonable price, because you know celebrities do not purchase anything unless it's expensive. Their loss! You get the celeb style without the celeb dollar signs.  


Katy Perry Goes Kitty Kat

There's no surprise here. Katy Perry would totally rock a kitty kat inspired eyeglass frame and that's why the Leopard Lady frames are the ultimate pick for her. Katy's specific prescription glasses offer a little more glam and sparkle which is totally practical for a haute celebrity with her prestigious schedule. However, sparkles aren't always chic in the world of normal people. The shape and style of these frames, on the other hand, are totally glam for everyone, celebrity status or not.  This is why the Leopard Lady frames are ideal for those wanting the celeb style without the tackiness of it. Yes. This post went there.


Celeb style is fabulous, but it can be overly tacky for the real world. The trick is to take inspiration from your favorite Fashionistas, and to then find a frame that fits the life that you thrive on. You don't go to film on famous television shows every morning, and your paycheck probably supports that fact. Get the celebrity style without the celebrity price because let's get serious, your budget probably can't handle that.

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Three Prescription Glasses Considered To Be The Hottest Of Eyewear Trends

By Alex Brown on March 27, 2013


Three of the hottest prescription glasses for this season

Gone are the days where prescription glasses aren't cool. It's absolutely astonishing that a couple of years ago people would be called names for wearing glasses, and now they're considered to be a main fashion accessory, so much so that people actually purchase clear lenses jut so they can enjoy eyewear trends. Of course, those people who wear prescription glasses without needing them tend to look particularly artsy and creative, or as some would say, silly simply because everyone knows that they're not real. To each their own though, right? As mentioned, gone are the days where prescription glasses are for losers. Everyone wants to rock four eyes, even when they don't have to. It may sound awkward, but with such stylish frames, it's certainly not hard to believe. It's the oddest of weird eyewear trends, but one that works to everyone's benefit. Yes... Even to those who really don't need prescription glasses. 

Channel your inner Harry Potter (Even you, ladies)

The Rez eyeglass frames have been highly sought after ever since the series of movies came to an end. It's odd how that happens, isn't it? It's almost as if this is a way of carrying on the fairy tale in its own nerdy 
way. However, that's what's so odd about the Rez frames. They aren't nerdy at all. In fact, Johnny Depp is one of Hollywood's hottest actors and he has frames almost identical to the Rez ones, and that's just one example of hot people replicating a Harry Potter inspired look. This list could go on. 

Become a classic with this frame

It's the most popular frame of eyewear trends frame, and you  truly can't go wrong within. They're certainly minimalistic in detail, but in no way are they just some regular old plain Jane either. After all, they're called Eye Catch for a reason, 'cause they'll be catching everyone's attention.  These particular frame styles have been considered up to date with the hot eyewear trends for several years now and they definitely give everyone that sultry student look. Taylor Swift rocks them in music videos, and don't lie... You know you've thrown on a pair from time to
 time. If you haven't, you really should jump on this bandwagon. They're simply enough to fit all faces and personalities.

Color yourself something fabulous

there is no better way to illuminate your personal style than with a vibrant frame like the ever-so-popular Cover frames. They should be named "Cover" simply because they're so stunning that they could make anyone a cover model. Okay... So that was a little cheesy, but these are truly phenomenally eccentric frames, and with so many uniforms that everyone has to wear, whether it be for school or work, sometimes your prescription glassese are the last thing that can give your look a bit of personality and style. 

Whether you actually need to be rocking those fabulous frames, or you're faking it for fashion, these are the hottest styles that are staring down the trends of this season. 

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