Last Minute Halloween Ideas

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This year, the forces behind Halloween decided that we would have two weeks of Halloween celebrations.  One of those weeks is through and the actual date of Halloween and the following weekend are approaching.  If you haven't gotten a costume yet here are a couple quick ideas you can use your favorite pair of Eynack glasses for!

1. Harry Potter:

Get yourself some Borsalini frames,

draw a lightning bolt on your head, get some wizardly clothes, and voila! You have a one-way ticket to a costume party!


1.5 Waldo

The same as the Harry Potter look, only without the lightning bolt and with a striped red shirt.



2.  Velma

All you need to get on board the Mystery Van is a pair of Azure specs:

and a little orange ensemble, and you won't be the one person at the party who was too lazy to get a costume!



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