Finding the Perfect Eyeglass Frames for your Face Shape

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When choosing the ultimate eyeglass frame for you, it's crucial that you take the shape of your face into consideration. After all, you need the prescription eyeglass frames to suit your face in order for them to look fabulous on you, because if you really didn't care what they looked like, you'd just go buy a pair of prescription glasses from the corner store, right? Hello... Tacky!  So grab yourself a mirror and start analyzing the shape of your face so we can find you the ideal eyeglasses for you. To avoid any confusion, your face can be; square, circle, oval, triangle, heart or diamond, so let's send you on your path to wearing some totally exquisite eyeglass frames that are certain to make you look amazing. Plus, when shopping online, these tips are to-die-for because you can't try them on... Unless you have some super power, and if that's the case, we're intrigued! 

Square Face Shape

A square face shape has a strong jaw line and a broad forehead, and the width and length are proportionally equal. The perfect eyeglass frames for you to wear would be narrower frames that have more width than depth, such as the ZeZe Bam frames. These will elongate your face while softening the abruptness of your chin and forehead.

Rectangular Face Shape

If your face shape is more rectangular, a long face with squared off chin and typically a longer nose, then you need to choose eyeglass frames that have more depth than width, the opposite of the prior. Decorative frames will also add the proper amount of width needed for your face shape, and the Expert eyeglass frames would look superb on you.

Round Face Shape

If you have full cheeks and a rounded chin, then you most likely have a circular face shape. The ideal eyeglass frame will make your face appear longer and narrower while also adding some length and definition. Opt for prescription glasses such as the Coverpage frames that have an angle to the rectangle shape that also has more width than length.

Oval Face Shape

The majority of people have an oval face shape, a rounded chin and forehead which appears longer than it does wider. If you're an oval shaped person, you can typically wear all kinds of eyeglass frames and look fabulous. However, you should place emphasis on choosing eyeglass frames that are as wide or even wider than the widest part of your face. Wow! That was a lot of wise words about width. In addition, walnut shaped frames such as the CFO eyeglass frames suit an oval face impeccably as well.

Triangle Face Shape

So you have a broad forehead and a face with a width that gets more narrow as it reaches your rounded chin. You're a triangle face, and the perfect prescription glasses for your shape are wider at the bottom and have very light or minimal colors, preferably rimless. Both square and rounded frames will work well with your face shape, but steer clear of rectangles. The Cooper frames would be a perfect fit for your face.

Diamond Face Shape

Although the rarest face shape, you may be a diamond which means your chin and forehead are both narrow, and your cheekbones are rather wide. The best eyewear frames are ones that provide exceptional detail that are also rimless or oval shaped. Oversized eyeglass frames tend to look best on diamond shaped faces as well. So, it's time for you to get all geek-chic in the Leopard Lady frames.

Once you know your face shape, you can find the perfect pair of eyeglass frames that will enhance your appearance, and of course, Eynack has a wide selection of stunning frames that will make you look haute, and well, that will also let you see clearly.

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