Dive Into Your Wild Side With Animal Print Eyewear Frames

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Never underestimate the power that can be brought when wearing animal print eyewear frames because these are the feistiest of fashion frames you could ever indulge in. It's no secret that animal print is fabulous, especially within the fashion industry. However, if you're desiring the animal print trend while trying to steer clear of looking like Jersey Shore's Snooki or Shania Twains 90's cat suit, then your best option is to enjoy this design in very small portions. There's truly no better way to put that little roar into your rocking wardrobe the way a phenomenal pair of animal print eyewear frames can.

Become a big cat

This is certainly a fashion frame that is in touch with the animal print trend while keeping the most popular of eyewear frames close in style as well. The name of these frames is Leopard Lady. Can you get any closer to your feisty side than with these? One may argue but it's safe to say that you can not. As mentioned, the Leopard Lady frames are bang on with the eyewear trends. They're large, rather square and have that flat line across the top. That's not to mention that they then add the stunning blast of sparkling animal print that you deserve and desire.

Purr like a petite kitten

Of course not everyone wants to go big or go home, right? Maybe gaudy isn't your ideal taste of fashion, or maybe you simply want to stick with a rather versatile look that will paw you through season to season without having to worry about getting the latest fashion frame. Whatever your reason may be for wanting to indulge within the animal print eyewear frames a tad bit less than the prior, there's no need for you to worry because the Banoo frames most certainly deliver just that. They're full of the print that you love, without a season-specific frame so you can carry on throughout the trends with this one pair. 

Just a little indulgence into the big cat world

If you're not ready to roar or purr, maybe you should consider the Leopardish girl frame because they're leopardish without too much leopard... Hence the name. It's a subtle mix of animal print on the fashion frame without totally throwing you into the wildlife of this trend. It's also rather practical for anyone not wanting to bring too much attention to their eyewear frames. However, with such a stunning pair, who knows why you wouldn't ever want to do that. To each their own, right?

It doesn't matter what kind of big cat animal print you enjoy, whether it be loud and gaudy, petite and pretty or subtly sweet, you can totally indulge in this haute to trot fashion frame frenzy. Everyone likes to bring their inner wild animal out from time to time, and sometimes you simply can't do that within your wardrobe depending on your lifestyle or career choice. This is why eyewear frames are the ultimate solution to adding some fire to your fashion, without getting fired! 

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