Three Prescription Glasses Considered To Be The Hottest Of Eyewear Trends

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Three of the hottest prescription glasses for this season

Gone are the days where prescription glasses aren't cool. It's absolutely astonishing that a couple of years ago people would be called names for wearing glasses, and now they're considered to be a main fashion accessory, so much so that people actually purchase clear lenses jut so they can enjoy eyewear trends. Of course, those people who wear prescription glasses without needing them tend to look particularly artsy and creative, or as some would say, silly simply because everyone knows that they're not real. To each their own though, right? As mentioned, gone are the days where prescription glasses are for losers. Everyone wants to rock four eyes, even when they don't have to. It may sound awkward, but with such stylish frames, it's certainly not hard to believe. It's the oddest of weird eyewear trends, but one that works to everyone's benefit. Yes... Even to those who really don't need prescription glasses. 

Channel your inner Harry Potter (Even you, ladies)

The Rez eyeglass frames have been highly sought after ever since the series of movies came to an end. It's odd how that happens, isn't it? It's almost as if this is a way of carrying on the fairy tale in its own nerdy 
way. However, that's what's so odd about the Rez frames. They aren't nerdy at all. In fact, Johnny Depp is one of Hollywood's hottest actors and he has frames almost identical to the Rez ones, and that's just one example of hot people replicating a Harry Potter inspired look. This list could go on. 

Become a classic with this frame

It's the most popular frame of eyewear trends frame, and you  truly can't go wrong within. They're certainly minimalistic in detail, but in no way are they just some regular old plain Jane either. After all, they're called Eye Catch for a reason, 'cause they'll be catching everyone's attention.  These particular frame styles have been considered up to date with the hot eyewear trends for several years now and they definitely give everyone that sultry student look. Taylor Swift rocks them in music videos, and don't lie... You know you've thrown on a pair from time to
 time. If you haven't, you really should jump on this bandwagon. They're simply enough to fit all faces and personalities.

Color yourself something fabulous

there is no better way to illuminate your personal style than with a vibrant frame like the ever-so-popular Cover frames. They should be named "Cover" simply because they're so stunning that they could make anyone a cover model. Okay... So that was a little cheesy, but these are truly phenomenally eccentric frames, and with so many uniforms that everyone has to wear, whether it be for school or work, sometimes your prescription glassese are the last thing that can give your look a bit of personality and style. 

Whether you actually need to be rocking those fabulous frames, or you're faking it for fashion, these are the hottest styles that are staring down the trends of this season. 

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